Freezing time. | George at 18 months, Baby at -4 weeks.

I admit, I'm a total broken record. I am constantly talking about how fast kids grow up, how much they change in so short a time and how quickly they go from tiny walking, talking people to big, fast-moving, conversational kids. I say it over and over. 

Because it's true. It's all true.

Quick, before they grow up. Right?

Stories Framed Photography | little boy | B+W

One of my recent clients knows this all too well. Jennifer just added Baby #4 to her collection! 

Right before Baby Walter arrived, the Child Previously Known as the Youngest, now known as The Third Child, turned 18 months old. (See, this is why I stuck with two kids... any more and I'd confuse myself!) 


Inside Jennifer's beautiful home, there is a wall displaying portraits of her little ones when they were 18 months old. So far she had two large framed photos... now she has a third one to hang up... and sometime next year we will - that's right - complete her collection!

This is how I helped her to Freeze Time. We captured George at 18 months for her wall display - and in the process caught a few shots of Walter in utero. She will have these happy memories to look at - even after her little ones become bigger ones and the babies become kids.

Stories Framed Photography | maternity | toddler

Do you have a similar collection of time-specific images hanging on your wall? Perhaps the images show your children as newborns, at 5 years old, when they turned 10 or as they graduated from high school. It's pretty wild to see how each child changes - and how all the children look so similar at certain ages.

If you don't have such a display, let's start one! Make it a new annual tradition, starting right now. It doesn't matter if you have one child or two or more... we all want to freeze time in our own way.