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It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to | William turns one

I absolutely adore photographing one year olds and their cake smash sessions.

That is, once I get over the massive amount of jealousy I harbor for these little humans who are allowed to sit on the floor and dive head-first into a cake they get to have all to themselves. They just don’t know how good they have it!

Echem. Yes, back to the cute little toddlers and their teeny little birthday cakes.

It really is fascinating to watch someone taste a new food for the very first time. This birthday cake is one of the many first tastes in a baby’s young life. It may also be about a zillion times better than pureed green beans. So to watch them react to that sweet, soft and unexpected new flavor is life giving.

Then there’s William. He thought the cake was okay. I’m not even sure he ate much of the cake. However, the blue frosting polka dots were what made his heart go pitter patter. And once they were gone (as far as he could see), he was very clear about his displeasure…


Um…. Happy birthday William! I hope you’ve recovered from the apparently traumatic experience that was your first birthday cake.

Do you have a little one who’s got a full 12 months under his belt? Let’s do a birthday cake smash session!

When you book your session, we will discuss themes, colors and styling. We’ll do a short portrait session before the cake smash to prove to your family that your baby’s face was clean at one point. Once your little bugger is covered in frosting, that’s when the “fun” begins. It’s a Parent Puzzle - how to successfully squeeze a sugar-buzzed child covered in a slick coating of frosting into a set of clean clothes and a carseat. (Good luck!)

Now that I’ve painted such a glamorous picture of the experience (haha), click below to learn more about child portrait sessions with Stories Framed Photography.

It really IS worth it. (Besides, you get to help “clean up”.)

raise your hand if you love cake | happy birthday Sebastian!


A charming, energetic little smiler.

Who likes cake.


This little boy came to me - well, he snagged a ride from his parents - for his one year portraits. We had quite the time… playing with blocks, pretending to sweep, climbing stairs, sitting on chairs and stools. And then… the big finale. The Cake Smash.

Sebastian is not shy around cake. He dove right in. And loved every second of it. (Ok, so did we!)

Afterwards mom and dad literally peeled his clothes off and put him into pajamas for a great, post-sugar-rush sleep.

Happy birthday, little one!

Oconomowoc Family Portrait Sneak Peek

Sometimes you need a reason to reunite the entire family. Sometimes you don't. 

For Sharon and Dan, while they don't NEEEEEED a reason, they had a good one: Dan is retiring! Congratulations to you! Enjoy every single day you have on that gorgeous lake with your beautiful wife.

I was asked to join them on Thursday, er, Friday evening (rain, rain go away) to photograph their family. This is a itty-bitty little Sneak Peek of their session... I thought it was a good one, considering the celebration at hand. (read: hooray, more time with your grandchildren!)


Do you have a family get-together this summer? Throw in some family portraits and it will be a doubly-momentous occasion. Call me for more information on family portraits. (you can check out my availability down in the right corner of your screen....)

Sneak Peek | Surprise Father's Day Photos at The Landing

Friday night at The Landing in Wauwatosa is an absolute MUST DO! It's a family friendly outdoor beer garden attached to the Hoyt Pool, bike trails, and a beautiful wooded park. If you are looking for something to do on a Friday night, come out and listen to some music, have a drink, order a pizza.

I may be biased because I 100% love Tosa, but it really is the place to be. 

This past Friday night, I met a special family there as a surprise Father's Day session. It was different than anything I'd ever done for a portrait session... and I loved it! 

I caught a mix of candids and posed portraits. Much to Mama Dee's delight (who organized the surprise), I photographed each of her kiddos, different combinations of the family members and her father-in-law who was visiting from Florida. They will all LOVE the photos! 

For now, here's a little sneak peek. I'm saving the real goodies for the Big Reveal. (tee hee)

Cheers to Father's Day!


Does this sound like your type of family session? Contact me right away to reserve your Friday (or other night) at the park. Or maybe you want a little more privacy? Let's talk. I want your family photo experience to suit your needs and desires.

Muskego Children's Photography | Spring-time!

I've had parents come to me with their energetic little ones and give me the knowing head nod. The head nod that says, "We've been here before. Good luck. I'm not so sure you will win this battle."

To which I say, "Game on!" I accept your challenge.

Mara, a wonderful mom of three met me at a local park on what turned out to be an incredibly windy day. And then it started raining. But not before we got a LOAD of amazing, beautiful, expressive shots of her darling kids.


When the three siblings were together at one time, it was clear that they DO actually like each other. This is photo is proof. 

Sometimes it's just a little easier to photograph siblings separately. What I loved about these three is their highly distinctive personalities. Clearly, Henry is the adorable, silly baby of the family. You may be able to guess who the middle, spunky child is. That's Hailey. And Hannah is the oldest, therefore, self-declared leader of the group.

When I look for locations for my photo shoots, I like to find places that have a variety of settings. Our location on this day, for example, has a large, open grassy field. It has some old, barn-wood buildings. It has rocky paths leading around wooded areas. 

Not only is it nice to have some variety in the background of the photos, walking from place to place keeps the kids entertained and focused. Win, win.

On this day, the most important part of the park turned out to be a wooden pathway underneath a canopy of trees. Why so special? Because it started to rain! But underneath nature's umbrella, we had no idea just how much it was coming down!

By the end of the session, the kids were worn out, they had earned their lollipops and I had what I needed to show mom that I won her challenge. These are three absolutely beautiful and spirited children. 


I'm now booking sessions for family and kids. It may be blustery outside but Spring and Summer ARE coming. They literally have no choice! (I say so.) Contact me right away to get your session booked for good (or even "decent") weather.