Stories Framed Photography | big and little changes | I'm a PPA Member!

There is an organization full of card-carrying professional photographers. They call themselves, appropriately enough, Professional Photographers of America. And they now have one more member. 


I have made the giant leap and joined this amazing group. And - before you say it - I can read your mind: "Congratulations, Abbie! But...uh... what does that mean for me?" Well, let me tell you....

At the very root of it, it means you will be getting the highest level of quality, service and creativity that I can possibly deliver to you. And yes, come to think of it, that's how I've always run my business. You always get the best of me. But as a member of PPA, I will have access to training and classes that support my goals and help me build my craft and grow my business. And all of that benefits you all the way around. 

I'm so excited to see what this year will become, how Stories Framed Photography will grow and all that I will learn through PPA and its members.

In fact, I'm jumping in with both feet -- a week from today I will be flying off to Nashville for my first ever photography conference. Or, as I like to call it, Photo Nerd Convention - where a typical conversation can go from ISO to SEO in the blink of an eye. My husband couldn't be happier to send me away to talk posing and post-production with someone who actually understands me. I will be with my people! Hallelujah!

I am beyond excited for my five days of learning and meeting other professional photographers from all over the country. I even have my eye on some celebrity photographers that I will chase down the hall if I have to. (Sssh.... don't tell. It will make me sound like even MORE of a Photo Nerd than I already am.) 

After I get back home, my brain might be a pile of mush but my heart will be pumping and I will be ready to GO! GO! GO!

I can't wait for next week... my first business trip. Wahoo! (OK, maybe I'm just a LITTLE excited to fly by myself for the first time in 11 years... no sippy cups or coloring books and ALL the magazines!) I'll probably be posting to Instagram and Twitter so make sure you follow me there to peek into my Photo Nerd-iness.

Get on my calendar NOW for this Spring and Summer. I know it's still winter (brrr), but if you want a particular date for your session, snag it now before someone else does. Contact me TODAY.  Quick, before I fill up. ;)