Mama Got a New Toy!

So when a doctor gets a new, say, scalpel, it's just not quite the same. Imagine the fun she has practicing with her new blade. Or not. 

But when a photographer gets a new lens, now you're talking!

After attending the Professional Photographers of America Imaging USA conference in January, my various deliveries started arriving. This baby was one of the first. (Okay, well, not really. But surely cellophane packaging material isn't something to write about, is it?)

If this means anything to you, this new "baby" is a 100mm Macro lens. Confusingly, I plan on using it for headshots. Please don't let this alarm you. I have no intention of zooming in on your blemishes or errant chin hairs. Actually, the way this lens is built (insert boring stuff that even I don't understand) they make headshots REALLY POP. 

I forced my shy, quiet nine year-old to assist me for a few minutes so I could test out the lens on  human.

I am officially blown away. This is my new favorite lens. It's so clear and crisp and sharp. (insert oohs and aahs mostly from the grandparents)

Oh, yeah, and this is definitely my new favorite portrait of David. (insert hugs and kisses as payment for his assistance)

So... do you need a new headshot? Want to see what you'd look like on the other side of my 100mm? Yes. The answer is YES.

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