February 2016

Happy Anniversary Christopher + Claudia!

I am a portrait photographer. I do not shoot weddings. 

Well. I didn't. Until this one time when I did.

SFP wedding party fun

So, like I said, I do not specialize in weddings. Because of that, I don't often get the opportunity to shoot engagement portraits. Wedding photographers usually include the engagement session in their packages. That makes the odds of someone looking for ONLY engagement photos Very Slim. 

That being said, Claudia called me last year requesting an engagement session. I joyfully accepted and we commenced making plans for her big day (ha).

I should have suspected something, but I am at times (often?) rather dense. 

She told me they wanted to go downtown, starting at the courthouse where they were signing some papers.

Signing some papers, eh? 

Signing their marriage certificate was merely the beginning-of-the-end of Christopher and Claudia's   bellisima   Love Story. 

Signing their marriage certificate was merely the beginning-of-the-end of Christopher and Claudia's bellisima Love Story. 

Yep.There it was. I was shooting my first wedding.  Never say never.



As they viewed their marriage certificate for the first time, I caught Claudia glimpse over at her new husband. Look at that smile!

As they viewed their marriage certificate for the first time, I caught Claudia glimpse over at her new husband. Look at that smile!

Their Story. 

Claudia is from Chihuahua, Mexico. Christopher is Leon, France. Stop right there - that is too cute. In my head I picture a puppy and a lion with hearts floating over their heads. Aww.

Friends, fiances and married in Milwaukee! Look at that joy! Felicidades!

Friends, fiances and married in Milwaukee! Look at that joy! Felicidades!

Fate brought these two together in Belgium where they were working for the same international company. They met, they fell in love. Then, they were both relocated... across the ocean... to Milwaukee! Oh, the odds! It's a real life fairytale! 

SFP engagement portraits MKE
SFP engagement portraits silhouette

So, legally they were married in Milwaukee one year ago.

They planned a religious ceremony, surrounded by a global gathering of friends and family, in France. In the French Alps, to be precise. In autumn. (swoon!) 

SFP engagement portraits courthouse

Seriously, theirs is a story written for a fairytale. Love finds its way, no matter where you are born. It finds you and carries you along to meet your Happily Ever After.

SFP engagement portraits MKE art muesum

Happy Anniversary, Christopher and Claudia! Felicidades siempre y jamas.

UPDATED 03.01.2016 -- Read it here.

Not in the market for engagement photos? What about a couple's portrait for your anniversary? Whether you're celebrating one year or ten years or more, let's capture your Love Story. 

Published! Passover book on shelves now

Dear Mom,

I have a big surprise for you! 

I've been holding onto a secret. Someone called me last fall, we talked, things happened and now... NOW I can finally tell you all about it.

It's so exciting! (jumping up and down)

So... One of my photographs has been published in a book! About PASSOVER! And you're in it! Okay, well, it's your shoulder and your ear, but that still counts. Ohmigosh I'm freaking out a little!

Last week of amazing mail, this was the second piece of mail to arrive in my mailbox containing my photos. In case you missed it, the first was the big Map and Event Schedule for Wauwatosa. Read about it here. Two publications in two days. That's a great roll to be on!

SFP Passover book cover

This is the book - Passover: Festival of Freedom. It's a beautiful and well written book. It is part history, part culture, part modern-day tradition. It's definitely, shall we say, a meatier book than your typical holiday text. 

It can be purchased online HERE or at your favorite local bookseller. Oh, and mom, I don't get any royalties from this book so you don't have to run out and buy every copy on the shelf. (I'll tell you when you should buy every copy... trust me, you'll know.)

Here is the book opened up to THE page... (chapter three, page 38)

SFP Published open book

See what I mean? MEAT. Substance. Story. And look at that there purdy picture! (LEFT side) Look who it is... you! And Sam. When Sam had long hair. And went by "Sammie". And actually sat at the table with us. (Now she's WAY too cool for us. Sniff.)

SFP Published Passover book closeup

See that caption? That's ME. My name. My company. It's all a little surreal, truth be told. And this one is especially personal because it's my FAMILY. Not an event, not a client. My. Family.

And it also proves that there is a perfectly good reason I have my camera with me everywhere I go (yes, even at the dinner table). Because you just never know when someone will ask to publish my work... 

So, mom, how do you like your surprise? 



The Map! The Map! | Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce published my photos

SQUEAL!!! Who saw this in their mailbox last week?

Tosa Chamber Map 01

Every year the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce publishes a big map of the city with a list of events and activities for the rest of the year. This year I am proud to be a contributor on this mailer. 

Do you have any idea how cool it is to open your mailbox and see your photos staring back at you? Very cool. Incredibly cool.

Oh, and you know what's even cooler? When you are the owner of a Tosa business and your friend Abbie took photos of the thing you do... that then ended up in the Big Awesome Map. I'm talking about you, Tosa Yoga and Zewing Girl. Oh yeah, and you too, Firefly Art Fair and Tosa Farmers Market

Thank you to the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce for welcoming me with open arms. It has been a pleasure... and it ain't over yet!

Tosa Map | SFP | Tosa Farmers Market

Gorgeous Girl | Sneak Peek for Taylor

Taylor came in yesterday. 

She said she'd never had a photoshoot like this. I'm not so sure I believe her... well, ok. I believe her, but what I can't believe is that no one has ever stopped her in the street and asked (begged!) to photograph her. 


I will share more about Taylor another time, but I had to post this Sneak Peek right away.

She said she wanted the session in B&W. I think it's perfect that way... stunning and simple.

Taylor | Stories Framed Photography | in-studio portrait

Oh, and check this out -- **What to Wear Alert!** If you are ever waffling over what to wear to a photo shoot, here's a suggestion - denim. There is something about the texture and richness of the fabric that just pulls in the light so beautifully. 

In the black and white version, you can practically feel the texture of the stitching. Now look at the color version (while trying not to gasp)...

Taylor | Stories Framed Photography | color

I can't wait to share the rest of her portraits soon. Which do you like better - B&W or color? 

Do you need to get your kids - or yourself - into the studio for some beautiful new portraits? Click below... 

Mama Got a New Toy!

So when a doctor gets a new, say, scalpel, it's just not quite the same. Imagine the fun she has practicing with her new blade. Or not. 

But when a photographer gets a new lens, now you're talking!

After attending the Professional Photographers of America Imaging USA conference in January, my various deliveries started arriving. This baby was one of the first. (Okay, well, not really. But surely cellophane packaging material isn't something to write about, is it?)

If this means anything to you, this new "baby" is a 100mm Macro lens. Confusingly, I plan on using it for headshots. Please don't let this alarm you. I have no intention of zooming in on your blemishes or errant chin hairs. Actually, the way this lens is built (insert boring stuff that even I don't understand) they make headshots REALLY POP. 

I forced my shy, quiet nine year-old to assist me for a few minutes so I could test out the lens on  human.

I am officially blown away. This is my new favorite lens. It's so clear and crisp and sharp. (insert oohs and aahs mostly from the grandparents)

Oh, yeah, and this is definitely my new favorite portrait of David. (insert hugs and kisses as payment for his assistance)

So... do you need a new headshot? Want to see what you'd look like on the other side of my 100mm? Yes. The answer is YES.

Even better - do you know about my upcoming headshot event? CLICK HERE to learn more.