Gorgeous Girl | Sneak Peek for Taylor

Taylor came in yesterday. 

She said she'd never had a photoshoot like this. I'm not so sure I believe her... well, ok. I believe her, but what I can't believe is that no one has ever stopped her in the street and asked (begged!) to photograph her. 


I will share more about Taylor another time, but I had to post this Sneak Peek right away.

She said she wanted the session in B&W. I think it's perfect that way... stunning and simple.

Taylor | Stories Framed Photography | in-studio portrait

Oh, and check this out -- **What to Wear Alert!** If you are ever waffling over what to wear to a photo shoot, here's a suggestion - denim. There is something about the texture and richness of the fabric that just pulls in the light so beautifully. 

In the black and white version, you can practically feel the texture of the stitching. Now look at the color version (while trying not to gasp)...

Taylor | Stories Framed Photography | color

I can't wait to share the rest of her portraits soon. Which do you like better - B&W or color? 

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