Pewaukee HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Taylor

Apparently Stories Framed Photography is the official photographer for over-achievers. And ya’ know what? I’m totally okay with that! In fact, I’m relishing all the stories filled with achievements, victories and thrills.

I recently photographed Taylor for her senior photos. I knew she wanted some shots with her letterman jacket. However, when she pulled it out of her bag, I was a little bit thrown at what I saw.

Okay, so, my math skills are a little rusty, but follow me here, because I think I’m onto something: Taylor is going INTO her senior year of high school. Meaning, she has not yet played any sports for her fourth year of high school. However, she has already managed to earned FIVE chevrons for varsity sport. In three years. I mean. Wow, right?

Way to go, Taylor! That’s quite impressive.

To commemorate your achievements Pewaukee High School, there’s no better photo to share as your Sneak Peek than this one…


Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, a musician or a hardworking academic, I would be honored to photograph you for your senior photos! We can feature you in your favorite place, with your athletic gear - or not. We can show off your talents with your musical instrument of choice - or not. We can capture you in action, in uniform or in school - or not.

Really, what it all comes down to is that it’s YOUR CHOICE. I want you (and your parents) to be happy with how your photos turn out, how your personality shines through and how this moment in your life is forever displayed in your legacy portraits.

Let’s start the conversation today.

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