Waukesha Senior Photos

Waukesha North HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Heather

So. Heather’s senior photos happened.

Let’s just skip all the talk and get right to the jaw-dropping beauty.

Allow me to introduce Heather, who’s a member of the Waukesha North High School Class of 2020.


Yes, this girl is stunning. Stunning, as in, the entire time we were together I kept asking her if she had modeled before. (The answer was no, but now, hopefully, that will change.)

Which brings me to what I want to explain. Most of my clients are not former models. They are real people. Sure, some of them might have a selfie addiction (you know who you are), but aside from that, they don’t necessarily know how to hold themselves in front of a camera.

This is where a professional photographer comes in handy. (Hey I know someone, cough cough.) A professional photographer is trained in other things besides lighting and composition. A professional should be well versed in what angles and positions will be most flattering for their clients — even for certain body types. A professional should know the big no-no’s. A professional should make every subject look their best - whether or not they are former (or future) models.

Believe it or not, Heather didn’t have any pre-existing posing ideas but as soon as I started guiding her, she fell right into place. There were times I positioned her from head to toe. There were times I suggested tweaks to her stance. There were times I just stood back and let her move.

Whether you’re advanced or novice or not-at-all, here are some basic posing tips for looking your best in photos.


  1. YOU ARE NOT A SOLDIER. If you are, thank you for your service. But you don’t have to keep your arms straight down by your side for your family photos. I have one little adjustment for you to make: slightly pull back your elbows. Just a little. Your hands will then naturally slide up ever so slightly, revealing the tiniest of gaps between your body and your arms. Like magic, you will look thinner. (You’re welcome.)

  2. DON’T SQUISH YOUR FACE. You know the pose - sitting at a desk with your head resting in your hands. The reality is that your head is resting on your neck, like always, and you’re bringing your hands up to your face. They are touching gently, but never squishing. The same goes for leaning on walls, believe it or not. Yes, you are leaning, but you are not holding up the entire building. The force of pushing too hard will unpleasantly contort your body.

  3. NEVER LOOK DOWN YOUR NOSE AT A PHOTOGRAPHER. If you read that right, you will understand what I mean. A photographer holds a lot of power when they point that camera at you. Always treat your photographer with respect. That being said, a lot of people have a preconceived notion that if they hold their chin really high, any double chins will be stretched out. FALSE. It only forces me to photograph UP THEIR NOSE! And as an added bonus, their chins DO get stretched out but their neck looks way wider than it should. Maintain level eye contact with the camera. It solves all the problems you think you have and I don’t have to count your nose hairs.

Now that you’ve read that, you’re on your way! All you need now is a photographer. CLICK HERE to get in touch with one today. (Her name is Abbie and it is me.)

Kettle Moraine HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Bryan

I love color.

I love vibrant fields of flowers, farms of lush greenery, wooded lots full of trees.

I love pops of contrasting color. I love monochromatic styles. I love rainbows.

This is why I can’t just shoot for black and white. I have a really hard time removing the color from a photograph.


Sometimes it simply needs to be done.

Maybe there’s too much color. Maybe you want to add drama. Maybe the color is taking attention away from the story.

I think…. THINK… this may be one of those times. I LOVE this environmental portrait of Bryan, a soon-to-be graduate from Kettle Moraine High School. He’s on his dad’s farm. He’s relaxed, strumming the guitar (his favorite thing to do, by the way, and it shows). The colors are beautiful. The light is perfect.

But then there’s the version in black and white.

First of all, I caught my breath when I changed it. Second, even though it’s the same photo, doesn’t Bryan -deeply focused, playing the guitar - seem to come right out of the photo? It’s almost like there’s nothing else in the scene, just the boy and the guitar and the musical notes floating off his fingers.

Well? What do you think? Color or black and white? If you were his mom, which version would be hanging on the wall?

Stay tuned for the answer… what WILL mom pick?

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Pewaukee HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Taylor

Apparently Stories Framed Photography is the official photographer for over-achievers. And ya’ know what? I’m totally okay with that! In fact, I’m relishing all the stories filled with achievements, victories and thrills.

I recently photographed Taylor for her senior photos. I knew she wanted some shots with her letterman jacket. However, when she pulled it out of her bag, I was a little bit thrown at what I saw.

Okay, so, my math skills are a little rusty, but follow me here, because I think I’m onto something: Taylor is going INTO her senior year of high school. Meaning, she has not yet played any sports for her fourth year of high school. However, she has already managed to earned FIVE chevrons for varsity sport. In three years. I mean. Wow, right?

Way to go, Taylor! That’s quite impressive.

To commemorate your achievements Pewaukee High School, there’s no better photo to share as your Sneak Peek than this one…


Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, a musician or a hardworking academic, I would be honored to photograph you for your senior photos! We can feature you in your favorite place, with your athletic gear - or not. We can show off your talents with your musical instrument of choice - or not. We can capture you in action, in uniform or in school - or not.

Really, what it all comes down to is that it’s YOUR CHOICE. I want you (and your parents) to be happy with how your photos turn out, how your personality shines through and how this moment in your life is forever displayed in your legacy portraits.

Let’s start the conversation today.

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Brookfield Academy class of 2019 | Wil Ihlenfeld

People are put on this earth to do specific jobs… this member of the class of 2019 is a perfect case in point.

Meet Wil Ihlenfeld.

He likes, enjoys and appreciates things that I do not understand or, well, grasp. Namely, SCIENCE. I’m all for science, it make the world go round (right, Wil?) but unlike this smartie, the minute you start throwing out formulas or equations, my eyes will glaze over.

This is why we all do different things in life. It would be a shame if someone as highly intelligent as Wil didn’t do something like… achieve his Dream Job Status. (Read on to see what he wants to be when he grows up. Wow.)

Meet William Ihlenfeld IV, future world-changer.

high school boy in tie outside home

Brookfield Academy

Chemistry because it's the explanation of the physical world

Honor Roll
Smartquette Program at Marquette
French State Concours Oral-Gold

boy in a tie standing outside

Science Bowl/Club


play video games
movies with friends
D and D/role playing games


gamers bedroom in action

Geneva, Switzerland

Nuclear Chemist

Doing well in Chemistry


And finally, my personal favorite photo from Wil’s session….

boy and his chocolate lab dog sitting outside

Okay, hang on one sec.

There is one other thing.

This is another family who I have photographed in the past. I would be remiss if we didn’t go down memory lane. Look how much they grow up in just four quick years!

Now that the class of 2019 is out the door, in-coming seniors it’s your turn! If you are a member of the class od 2020 let’s talk! Let’s get your senior portraits on the calendar!

Class of 2019 Senior Portait Sneak Peek | Sara

In one single day, I went from photographing a high school senior in an artsy, funky alley to using  a beautiful and carefully tended garden as a portrait background.

This is Sara... she was an absolute pleasure to work with and I truly cannot wait to share the rest of her senior photos with her. We had so much fun playing around and she was a really great sport. 


The thing I loved about Sara's wardrobe choice was her hat. Oh, that hat! Her outfit was super-cute on its own, but then, add in that black felt hat and it SINGS. 

When it comes time to pick your wardrobe for your senior portraits, let's have some fun! There are so many ways to do it... here are just a few ideas:

  • CLASSIC. Choose an outfit that won't go out of style, that is something clean and simple and timeless. Jeans and a t-shirt. A black dress. Shorts and a polo. Cut-offs and a tank.
  • TRENDY. On the other hand, let's commemorate the current styles and embrace the latest trends.
  • FORMAL. Why not play dress up? You only get to do your senior photos once! Get out that suit and tie. Put on your prom dress one more time. 
  • UNIFORM. Grab your band uniform, your cheer outfit, your football helmet. Show off your sport, your art, your passion.

Do you need some more help selecting your clothing? I can certainly guide you. Let's talk and get your session planned out! Fill this out and we can get the ball rolling right away.

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