Photographers: We're Just Like You (when we attempt family portraits)

Consider this your giant P.S. blog post. 

If you didn't see our awesome family portraits done by the cool, calm and collected Joe Pyle Photography in Estes Park, CO.... they are here. And they are stunning. Check them out.

But before you go thinking - and I can hear you thinking this - "Well, you had TWO photographers  there. Of COURE your kids behaved!" - let me clear up one thing.

First, they are my kids. I am their mom. This totally disqualified me as an authority figure at the shoot.

Second, we used bribery at Full Tilt that day. We threw in a handful of guilt. And we threatened. Oh did we threaten. 

Yet we still had a few outtakes proving that no matter what, my kids are still my kids. (And truthfully, I wouldn't change them for anything.)

This is Sam. SO VERY Sam.

And here is David using a piece of found wood to practice defensive moves against his poor ol' mom.

Honestly, we were a little afraid that the above photos would be as good as it got. But alas.... we won. Joe conquered all.

And we went home a happy family.

Take-away: Let the kids play. Let them have fun. Let the photographer take charge. You will get your beautiful family portraits. Guaranteed.