SE Wisconsin Family Photographer Heads to Illinois | The Rauch Family

This is a family that is very special to me. In fact, you may have seen them before... I photographed little Matty almost every year since he was born a little over four years ago. And Jenna was my "twin" back in college. Random people would ask us if we were sisters all the time.


Whether I've known you for years or for days, the Most Important Thing that I strive to achieve during your family portrait session does not waver... CONNECTION.

As you view the images from this family's session, notice how CONNECTED and LOVING they are. I have to admit... they made my job pretty easy.

This next image I just LOVE - Jenna looks absolutely gorgeous. Even though (a little behind-the-scenes detail, here) there happened to be a mosquito smack dab in the middle of her forehead. 

Could you just eat this little face right up? Matty has such an expressive little punim. Yes, I said punim.

Can you imagine having beautiful, love-filled prints hanging on the walls in your home? We can do this with your family! Really!

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