Rauch Family Sneak Peek | a day at the beach

The annual day of Photos with Jenna and Her Adorable Family finally arrived! It’s always so fun to see them and do a round of speed-catch-up, chase the GROWING kiddos around and capture some family moments. (And with a toddler, it really is a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment!)

We met up at a beautiful park that was attached to a beach… that definitely will be seeing me and my camera again. The perfect weather that we had requested arrived as ordered. The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, the kids were happy. It couldn’t have been any more idyllic if we tried.

Thanks Jenna and Dan! We had a wonderful morning together and I’m sure you will love the rest of your photos.

For now, here’s your Sneak Peek…. can’t you just feel that hug coming?


What kind of location fits your story? Are you beach people? Is a garden more your speed? Or maybe you prefer funky, urban surroundings? All my portrait sessions are custom built around YOU. Let’s talk about what sparks you up and we can create some beautiful family heirlooms to show it all off.

Northern Illinois Family Portraits | And Baby Makes Four

I first met Matthew on Leap Day in 2012.

Matthew, just a few weeks old in 2012.

Matthew, just a few weeks old in 2012.

If you would fast-forward with me to 2017, I got to meet his little brother, Evan. Aww. 

Evan, a few months old in 2017. (Raise your hand if you love your mama!)

Evan, a few months old in 2017. (Raise your hand if you love your mama!)

I've been honored to be this family's official photographer. Year after year, I love seeing how much kids grow. I love marking their ages by capturing them having belly-time, sitting up, crawling and then, finally, running (away from the camera, natch). 

Of course this means Jenna and Dan will have a great trove of family history to look back on. Here are just a few from over the years... (Is something in the air? I'm feeling sentimental!)

That little baby in the first picture up at the top? He's now in KINDERGARTEN. Time flies, my friends. Time flies.

I adore this kid but it's a real shame that he's clearly got zero personality. Yeah... I'll bet his teachers adore him.

And then there's the baby of the family... Mr. Evan of Chubby Cheek Land.

Jenna told me that Matty's favorite thing is to play with trucks and cars and dinosaurs.

Evan's favorite activity? Waking up every three hours. 


It's always so nice to see Jenna and Dan and the littles every year. We get to briefly catch up - between smiling, chasing and snack times, that is.

And then there's nap time. Good night!


Since the midwest apparently has no Spring, I am now booking family sessions for this... SUMMER. (wink wink)

4th Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Featured Post | Miller Kids

I usually leave these posts for my clients but this year I thought I'd share my own thoughts.

September 2017

September 2017

How two kids from the same parents can be so COMPLETELY different is a wonder. And you two are as beautifully different as snow and rain.

David, you are so thoughtful, kind and considerate. You are wise beyond your years, funny as can be and a joy to be around. You are like the snow: slowly and carefully drifting down, covering the land in a gentle blanket.

Sam, you, my dear, are smarter than you think you are, you are such a talented artist it blows my mind and you are sneakily funny. I could watch you work and think and create all day long. (If only you’d let me!) You are like the rain: when it rains, it pours…making the grass greener and filling up the cerulean blue oceans.

Thank you for being mine. Thank you for being you. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you both infinitely times a million.

— Abbie Miller

4th Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Featured Post | McKenna

Here is a letter from one truly wonderful woman to her selfless and rising-star of a daughter. To know them is an honor.

August 2017

August 2017

On one of the hottest days on record, God blessed me with the most beautiful lil’ bundle of love I could have ever imagined. I remember looking down and you thinking how could I have had ANY part in making anything so absolutely perfect in every way!?!? You make my heart smile.
The last twenty two years have brought more memories, more giggles and yea , even some tears than I ever expected! From writing your name in permanent marker in four foot letters on your babysitters living room wall, to all but shaving your eye brows off, TWICE, to developing a love for shoes that rivals Elmelda Marcos, to your love for God, to developing a heart for service, you my love, you are a keeper.
I have watched you grow from a little rotund baby with tiny cupid bow lips, to a gangly teenager with pig-tails and a mouth full of braces to a stunning beautiful young woman with a heart for serving others. In each of these stages, I was convinced I could not love you more than I did, but lo’ and behold, my love continues to grow for you.
It is a joy watching you find your purpose in life. I am so proud of all you have done and CONTINUE to do - so proud, I could just bust. As a high school senior, you brought our community together in a jean collection project supporting survivors of sexual assault. A few years later you are working to create your own nonprofit to support survivors and are in the process of creating another powerful event at Drake University on the issue of gender based violence. Your commitment to make a difference in this world inspires me. The world needs more of you McKenna!
Your light shines so bright and I am honoured to sit in its glow. The world is a better place because you are in it. I love you more than you could ever know.
McKenna you bring me joy!
— Kimberly Nerone

4th Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Featured Post | Rauch Brothers

Welcome back to another edition of the Stories Framed Photography Gratitude Featured Posts! This is the time when YOU share YOUR words about your children, your family, your loves. 

Here are two adorable boys who are VERY loved by their amazing mom.

September 2017

September 2017

I am so grateful, and thankful for my boys.  Matthew, my five year old, excuse me, five and a half year old (he likes to remind me), is so sweet, so funny, and seriously the best big brother anyone could hope for. He shows so much love and protectiveness to his little brother, my 10 month old, Evan. Evan is so full of curiousity, and his smile just brightens my day.  He idolizes his big brother and it’s pure joy watching them interact.  They are both my little miracles and I love them more than words could ever convey.
— Jenna Rauch