Milwaukee Tweens

Maya and the coolest alley in Milwaukee | class of 2019 sneak peek

Honestly, sometimes no words are even needed. 

But let's be real. You know me and I can't possibly go without telling a story.

This session was a little sentimental for me. I've gotten to know this family through the years. I photographed her mom because he was my son's preschool teacher. I photographed her brother for his senior photos. And this girl, the lovely and talented Maya, when she was in EIGHTH GRADE. 


I have a special place in my heart for these gorgeous girls... who are now all going into their SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

Stop. It. (said all the moms)

So here is Maya's Sneak Peek. I'm sharing it through leaky eyes. Wauwatosa West High School should be proud to call you one of theirs.


It is not lost on me that both photos were shot in an alley. Not the same alley, but alleys all the same. That's the life of a photographer. And I love it.

What are you waiting for? Senior portrait season is here and I'm now booking into August and September. Don't delay, let's get a date on the calendar!

THANK YOU! | Stories Framed Photography voted Best Children's Photographer in Milwaukee

Last November (as in a few months ago) I was asking (begging) you to vote for Stories Framed Photography for the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee List. I was - to my shock and surprise! - a finalist for Best Children's Photographer.

For real, I almost didn't recognize my own name. 

I landed on the page after voting for an awesome friend in her category (go Anna!) and thought, what the heck, I'll look at some of the other categories while I'm here. When I saw the names listed under Children's Photography I swear to you, I almost kept scrolling. Then it sunk in... and I completely lost my mind!

I spent November begging you to choose me.

I spent December desperately trying to not worry about the results. (Do you know about my tainted past with elections? Let's just say #perpetualloser is my own personal hashtag.)

Well, I can finally sleep again. 


The results are in and I'm absolutely positively blown away by your support. I was named to the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee List for 2017 as Best Children's Photographer. 



Really, thank you from the bottom of my ice-cold toes to the top of my frizzy, curly hair. I am honored and flattered and just giddy with excitement. THANK YOU for choosing Stories Framed Photography. I promise to continue to live up to the title.

Do you see that red word? It says WINNER. Someone pinch me.

Do you see that red word? It says WINNER. Someone pinch me.

I sincerely hope you can make it to one of my Grand Opening celebrations... the word "celebration" may just be an understatement. I'm going to personally hug each and every one of you.

#MKEkids Tween Birthday Party | Mia is 11

Saturday night, during a break in our little snow storm, Mia turned 11. 

I was at her party and got some ADORABLE shots of Mia and her friends - school friends AND friends from her basketball team, thankyouverymuch. I can't wait to share them! However, with the holidays and winter break so soon, Mama Weber and I decided to wait on the big reveal. 

Honestly, as a fellow December birthday girl, I can totally relate to the agony of "the holidays" getting in the way of the REAL celebration. Sorry Mia. I feel you.

But here's a gorgeous little sneak peek for you... this sweet and spunky girl is ELEVEN! Happy birthday, girlfriend!

Struggling to find "entertainment" for your tween's birthday party? Looking for the perfect gift for that tween-aged kid? What about a photo shoot with Stories Framed Photography's tween division - MKEkids! Click to learn more. 

(Oh, and, psst.... gift certificates are available!)

Wauwatosa Child and Tween Photographer | Tosa Soccer and Tosa Kickers Soccer Team Poll: b+w or color?

Holiday Mini Sneak Peek | Janessa

First of all, this is another belated Sneak Peek. The wonderful mom of this beautiful girl will get her gallery TODAY!!! But I still had to share a peek with you. 

Second of all, when it comes to Sneak Peeks, there is really a science and art to choosing the right image to share. I'm giving away my secrets here, so brace yourself (kidding, it's not rocket science).

My Guidelines (and Hangups) for Choosing Sneak Peek Photos: 

  1. Don't share the best photo of the gallery.
  2. Don't share the worst. Oh wait, there is no worst! ;)
  3. Make sure everyone looks good and they would be excited to share the link with everyone they know so they all call me and beg me to take their pictures too.
  4. Hangup: If it's a family, do I share a family photo or just the kids?
  5. Hangup: If I share a kid, which one do I choose? THIS is where I struggle the most.

In this case, with these lovely girls, I really want to share the group picture. But it's my ABSOLUTE favorite and I have plans for it. (giggles)

I often share photos of the oldest daughter - because you can practically taste how much she has changed - braces on and gone and new hairstyle to name a few.

And the same goes for the youngest... the first time I photographed her, she had lost a tooth and looked like a BABY.

Then - as in so many families with three kids - there's the Middle Child. In this family, the middle child is stunning beyond belief but she so simply and carefully flies under the radar and goes with the flow. Well, Janessa, your day has come. YOU ARE THE STAR.

This is an emotional Sneak Peek with a message. Moms... are you listening? This is important. DON'T FORGET TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR TWEENS. This beauty went from little girl to young lady in the bat of an eyelash. 

You know what I say... Quick, before they grow up.

I have watched these girls grow up over the span of my business (and before that, too) and it has TRULY been an honor to know and love them. Now excuse me while I go dry my eyes...