Tosa East High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Maggie

Senioritis is a real thing. I know because I had it (a zillion years ago!) and Maggie tells me that she's got it BAD. It's so close the end of the school year, everything seems to be wrapping up, coming to an end and closing down... plus, she already chose a college for the fall. So really, can you blame her for catching a case of the "let's move on with things"?

Besides, it's MAGGIE we're talking about here. Her version of "not caring" about homework is turning in an assignment without proofreading it. She's such a good, kind-hearted kid that she couldn't do a bad job if she tried.


Plus, as you can see she's BEAUTIFUL. 

This made photographing her SO EASY. I almost felt like I was cheating. Her smile is so natural - it never looked forced. 

Maggie will be attending St. Louis University in the fall. Except for one small hitch.... she nannies and babysits for several families around Wauwatosa. As of right now, we have not agreed to let her leave. 

Well, it's true - we will ALL miss her when she goes to college. BUT. This is Maggie we're talking about... she will do amazing things with her future.

Best of luck to you, Maggie! xoxo

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