Tosa East HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Jackson

I’m really excited to do a mini-intro of this next class of 2020 senior. Not only is Jackson a sweet kid, he’s one I’ve known for A-GES. Hmm.. I’m starting to see that as a trend. That must mean our collective group of kids are growing up….no likey.

Jackson is a senior at Wauwatosa East High School and he is a VICIOUSLY TALENTED violin and piano player. Just wait until you see the rest of his session… the photos may just include one or both of those instruments. (!!)


Do you still need to schedule senior photos? Well, hop to, bunny rabbit! Time’s a ticking!

Are you hesitant to schedule because you’re not sure what to expect? Never fear, I guide you through the entire process. By the time you show up for the big day, it will be totally NBD.

But really, once you show up, here’s a quick briefer on what happens...


  1. SHOW UP. We meet at the predetermined location. We exchange normal human greetings (I don’t bite.) and then a lot of unloading of gear and wardrobe.

  2. SET UP. Once we walk and roll (I have a carry-all wagon) to our first spot, I will then start unpacking all the gear I just packed into the wagon. But don’t worry, unlike the dentist, my tools don’t look scary.

  3. TUTORIAL. I would never hold my camera up to your face and just say, “go!”. I want these photos to be as good as you want them to be, so I’m first going to give you a brief lesson on how to stand and sit and all that jazz.

  4. FIRST SHOT. Wanna see it? No problem! Look and see how great you look. Yeah, that’s right. Then you will instantly feel better and relax a bit. I got you.

  5. SHOOT AND REPEAT. We may move spots a few times. We may drive or just walk. You may change outfits. It’s all the same thing. No pressure, just a fun time fake laughing and continually being convinced that your photographer is a lunatic.

  6. ALL DONE. When we’ve accomplished our goal (and your face hurts from smiling and laughing) it’s time to pack up, load back into our vehicles and head on our merry ways. Oh wait, but what about all the photos? You will get to see everything in your Reveal + Selection Appointment another day. For now, go home and have a nap. You earned it!

Now that you know it all, let’s get that session scheduled.