Sneak Peek for Wil | class of 2019 is here!

Less than 24 hours ago, high school seniors across the Milwaukee area officially closed the chapter on their high school career. Graduation Day! It's all over... and yet just beginning.

And for me, the high school senior portrait photographer, I'm going through (kinda) the same thing. Yesterday I officially clicked "closed" on their files that I've been working out of all year. I'll admit, that little task of closing their files made me a little sniffy. I've gotten to know these kids and I'm so happy for their achievements. 

So with that, congratulations to the class of 2018! Go get em!

(Although I still have a few kids' blog posts yet to share. Stay tuned this week...)

And now, I begin a new chapter for this new crop of high school seniors. Welcome, class of 2019!

In fact, I've got a running start! Let's give a virtual high-five to my first member of the Stories Framed Photography Class of 2019, WIL. He's a member of Brookfield Academy's *next* graduating class.

Here's your sneak peek - just one image of the many amazing shots we took on Saturday. It was a fun afternoon finding all the nooks and crannies in your HUGE backyard.


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