Kettle Moraine HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Bryan

I love color.

I love vibrant fields of flowers, farms of lush greenery, wooded lots full of trees.

I love pops of contrasting color. I love monochromatic styles. I love rainbows.

This is why I can’t just shoot for black and white. I have a really hard time removing the color from a photograph.


Sometimes it simply needs to be done.

Maybe there’s too much color. Maybe you want to add drama. Maybe the color is taking attention away from the story.

I think…. THINK… this may be one of those times. I LOVE this environmental portrait of Bryan, a soon-to-be graduate from Kettle Moraine High School. He’s on his dad’s farm. He’s relaxed, strumming the guitar (his favorite thing to do, by the way, and it shows). The colors are beautiful. The light is perfect.

But then there’s the version in black and white.

First of all, I caught my breath when I changed it. Second, even though it’s the same photo, doesn’t Bryan -deeply focused, playing the guitar - seem to come right out of the photo? It’s almost like there’s nothing else in the scene, just the boy and the guitar and the musical notes floating off his fingers.

Well? What do you think? Color or black and white? If you were his mom, which version would be hanging on the wall?

Stay tuned for the answer… what WILL mom pick?

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