Sneak Peek

Tosa West HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Melanie

I have a confession to make.

On occasion I meet someone - or even just see someone from a distance - and for a fleeting moment I dream about photographing them.

It might be their brilliant eyes, their amazing hair or their unique features that catch my attention. Sometimes their simple, raw beauty makes me pause. It can be anything, really.

(Ed. Note: Very rarely do I act on it because quite honestly, I know that while it might be flattering to some, it would be mostly creepy.)

A few years ago I met Melanie through the Tosa West theater department where I do cast headshots. I had THAT moment. I literally HOPED she wasn’t a senior yet. She had a classic, simple and easy beauty to her. I wanted to be the Chosen Photographer to do her senior photos.

Flash forward to this summer. I got the call! Melanie’s mom called ME for her senior pictures. I quietly jumped for joy in my little office.

What’s better is that when we discussed the style of portraits she wanted, we were totally in sync. Classic, simple, natural. Feature the subject. No frills. No props. Just focus on her girl, her oldest child.

I hope I did you right, Melanie. This is one of many more to come.


As with any classic style, this portrait works best in color OR black and white. Which do you prefer?


Did summer fly by before you could get your senior portraits scheduled? Not to worry! I can get you in with plenty of time before the yearbook deadline. Learn more about senior photos.

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Pewaukee HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Taylor

Apparently Stories Framed Photography is the official photographer for over-achievers. And ya’ know what? I’m totally okay with that! In fact, I’m relishing all the stories filled with achievements, victories and thrills.

I recently photographed Taylor for her senior photos. I knew she wanted some shots with her letterman jacket. However, when she pulled it out of her bag, I was a little bit thrown at what I saw.

Okay, so, my math skills are a little rusty, but follow me here, because I think I’m onto something: Taylor is going INTO her senior year of high school. Meaning, she has not yet played any sports for her fourth year of high school. However, she has already managed to earned FIVE chevrons for varsity sport. In three years. I mean. Wow, right?

Way to go, Taylor! That’s quite impressive.

To commemorate your achievements Pewaukee High School, there’s no better photo to share as your Sneak Peek than this one…


Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, a musician or a hardworking academic, I would be honored to photograph you for your senior photos! We can feature you in your favorite place, with your athletic gear - or not. We can show off your talents with your musical instrument of choice - or not. We can capture you in action, in uniform or in school - or not.

Really, what it all comes down to is that it’s YOUR CHOICE. I want you (and your parents) to be happy with how your photos turn out, how your personality shines through and how this moment in your life is forever displayed in your legacy portraits.

Let’s start the conversation today.

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Brookfield East Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Charlie

When you are preparing your outfits for your senior portrait sessions, don’t forget the little details.

Do you have a lucky ring? Wear it! Won’t it be nice reminisce about the things that were special to you?

Do you have a favorite concert t-shirt? Put it on! Imagine looking back on your photos and exclaiming, “I liked WHO?!?”

What about a fun pair of quirky socks? Sure, you may not see them much but a. they make you happy and b. you never know if your photographer will sneak a shot like this one…


Allow me to introduce Charlie. He’s heading into his senior year at Brookfield East High School. He’s going to fly through the year, I can tell you that. Now, even better since he won’t be tripping on his shoe laces. ;)

I hope you like your Sneak Peek!

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Looking for family photos? I got that, too. Check out the gallery of family photos

Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Rachel

Sometimes you meet someone who you know ahead of time will completely blow your mind. For me, aside from the time I got to meet Ed Sheeran (squeal!!), this was my experience with Rachel.

I knew she was super (SUPER-DUPER!!) smart, I knew her parents were fun people, so getting to work with this sweet, motivated, enthusiastic, agreeable and completely down-to-earth girl was an absolute pleasure.

Photographing her was made even easier due to the fact that she’s a beautiful girl and the warm, embracing light we had that morning - perfection!

Rachel, I hope you like your Sneak Peek. I can’t wait to share the rest! To Rachel’s parents - oh, boy. You’ve got a superstar on your hands.


For Rachel’s session, we used a location that reflected her favorite thing in the world (golf!) yet had other nooks and crannies for the rest of her session. However, it’s not over-the-top obvious.

What type of location would you want to do your senior photos? Are you artistic? Do you love science? Are you dedicated to your job at the local burger joint? Let’s talk about locations and style you a fun and memorable senior session!

Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Dee

It’s not lost on me that someone would actually travel across three states so that I could take her daughter’s senior photos. I’m so completely honored. And kinda floored if I’m being honest.

It means even more that this person is a friend who I love with all my heart. She was my Barnes + Noble Bestie and we were there for each other through fun times, hard times and a variety of pregnancies, too.

Her gorgeous daughters - who are SO SPECIAL - I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow up. Photographing them last weekend truly felt like an out-of-body experience. This can’t be THEM. They’re still supposed to be little girls with tiny pigtails and reading books about a moon saying goodnight.


Quick before they grow up, indeed.

Jen, if you can even see through your tears as you read this (I know you too well), I truly treasure you. You and Chris have sprouted some pretty amazing children. They’re quirky and smart and funny and serious and drop-dead-gorgeous.

I know you’ve been perched on the edge of your seat for this Sneak Peek. There is so much more to come… SO. MUCH. MORE.

Dee, you are one heck of a spectacular girl. Good luck in your senior year of preschool — aw, man, I mean HIGH SCHOOL. {sobbing now}


Wisconsinites, this was taken in the East Tosa North Avenue Murals District (I just named it that). It’s an amazing blast of color in what was already a fun and bustling area of town.

Do you have a senior in high school who wants their senior photos by the murals? Let’s do it! We could seriously spend hours there! It’s just amazing to see in person. Read more about senior portraits.


Check out this behind-the-scenes shot.

Yes, I was standing THATCLOSE to the light pole to get the final shot.

Behind the scenes photo courtesy of Jen Jackson, mom of the stunning Dee and Emily the talented Light Holder.